Accel’s philosophy is one of quality and service. Our deep understanding and respect for corporate culture and the importance of building long-term relationships is reflected in the sentiments.

Accel always exceeds the standards of other agencies and truly listens to what their customers need!

They send me quality applicants, which save time in the interviewing process, because by the time I schedule an interview I can rest assured that person is a likely contender.

They are prompt and responsive when I call and always willing to offer advice regarding the local job market and salary trends.

I've been fortunate to get to work with the Accel team for many years and consider them great business partners as well as friends!

Accel staff are relentless until they put the right person in the right spot. And most times, it's the very first person they send.

Accel can find people when no one else can!

Should anyone ever ask me what agency, I will wholeheartedly recommend Accel!

You will forever be my recommendation for a temp service to anyone that I know who needs it.

Accel always shares quality thoughtful candidates.

I feel empowered as a young woman to one day be as successful as every individual on Accel's team.